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I apologise for not being very active with the group. I've been rather busy lately. I do log on at least every other day to vote so the submissions aren't being held up. I will try to make the group more lively and fun for all of the members, but I will need the help of the members.

Okay, the holiday contest was a total failure. Nobody donated prizes and nobody participated. Would you all like to try a different contest? Perhaps a group ID or a new icon? I will not say the contest will happen for sure unless we get some prizes this time around. I'll see what I can do for prizes, but I'll have to rely on you lot to donate the majority of them if you wouldn't mind.

What if we did something like a competition between villages? You all could be sorted into different villages and somebody could be the "kage." The contests and prize donations could be like competitions or something where the village "ninjas" could earn exp. points and the village at the end of a certain amount of time would win and get a special prize or something. Perhaps the "ninja" that earns the most exp. points for their village will go up in ranking? Like the chunin and junin exams. What are your thoughts on this?
objoyful Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2012
Well, as far as prizes go, I'd be happy to donate llamas. (I wasn't able to be on dA for a few years, so I doubt I'd have to worry about having already given a llama to a prize winner. ^^;) I would also be happy to donate some art, but it would have to be pretty simple (my available time for working on stuff for dA is pretty limited at the moment).

I think the competition between villages sounds like a lot of fun, but it also sounds awfully complex. I would do a poll first to see how many people would actually want to participate, and then I would make the "kage" of each village a member of the management team - it definitely doesn't sound like something that just one person could manage, and you would want people who were active and responsible; otherwise it just won't happen. Anyway that's my two cents, for what it's worth. :)
Snowcie Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2012
Meh,don't really mind. As long as I could see people's art in this group is already enough~ :meow:
I don't know/really skilled entering competition though~
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Submitted on
March 31, 2012